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7 All-Natural Dog Bones That Are Healthy & Delicious

7 All-Natural Dog Bones That Are Healthy & Delicious

If you're a dog parent looking for the best all-natural dog bones that are healthy and delicious, you're in the right place! As dog owners, we want to make sure we're giving our pets the best of the best. That's why we've compiled the list below of dog bones that you and your k9 will love.

Bones can be an excellent source of essential nutrients that foster good health. They're also fun for dogs to gnaw on!

Keep reading to learn more about dog bones, the best options, and tips for choosing the right one.

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Can dogs eat all-natural bones?

Absolutely! In fact, all-natural dog bones are the best option. They're completely healthy and safe and may even offer your pup health benefits. These benefits can include a boost in nutrient intake and improved dental health.

With that said, it's important to know what all-natural bones really are. 

You may see dog bones and chews labeled as being natural. However, that doesn't necessarily mean they're genuinely all-natural. Products marked as 'natural' may still be made with genetically modified ingredients, added sugar, and trans fat. 

To avoid unhealthy and unnecessary ingredients, you want to opt for dog bones made from grass-fed, free-range animals and don't contain any added fillers or preservatives. We'll share our favorites below!

The Best All-Natural Dog Bones

K9 Connoisseur is one of the best brands for dog bones that are truly all-natural. We know that fellow dog owners want the best for their k9. That's why our dog bones are made with one ingredient – grass-fed cattle born and raised in the US.

Fun fact: Beef is a great source of collagen for dogs. Collagen offers many benefits, including improved skin and coat health, joint pain relief, and better digestive health.

Not only do these bones taste great, but they're also healthy, don't contain any unnecessary ingredients, and last for hours. They're great for even the most aggressive chewers! 

Let's take a look at the best all-natural dog bones, with something for all dogs – big and small.

  1. Marrow-Filled Dog Bones
  2. Beef Knee Cap Bones
  3. Mammoth Marrow-Filled Champ Bones
  4. Meaty Beef Chew Bones
  5. Meaty Mammoth Marrow-Filled Knuckle Bones
  6. Marrow-Filled Crown Knuckle Bones
  7. Meaty Mammoth Marrow-Filled Jumbone

1. Marrow-Filled Dog Bones

all natural bones - marrow filled dog bone
  • 6-count
  • Flavor: beef
  • Size Recommendation: all sizes

Purchase your Marrow-Filled Dog Bones here.

2. Beef Knee Cap Bones

meaty beef knee cap all-natural dog bones
  • 3-count
  • Flavor: beef
  • Size Recommendation: all sizes

Purchase your Beef Knee Cap Bones here.

3. Mammoth Marrow-Filled Champ Bones

meaty mammoth marrow filled dog bone
  • 10-count
  • Flavor: beef
  • Size Recommendation: all sizes; best for dogs over 50 lbs

Purchase your Mammoth Marrow-Filled Champ Bones here.

4. Meaty Beef Chew Bones

meaty beef chew all-natural dog bones
  • 5-count
  • Flavor: beef
  • Size Recommendation: small breeds

Purchase your Meaty Beef Chew Bones here.

5. Meaty Mammoth Marrow-Filled Knuckle Bones

marrow-filled knuckle dog bone
  • 3-count
  • Flavor: marrow
  • Size Recommendation: all sizes

Purchase your Meaty Mammoth Marrow-Filled Knuckle Bones here.

6. Marrow-Filled Crown Knuckle Bones

Marrow-Filled Crown Knuckle Bones
  • 3-count
  • Flavor: hickory-smoked beef
  • Size Recommendation: all sizes 

Purchase your Marrow-Filled Crown Knuckle Bones here.

7. Meaty Mammoth Marrow-Filled Jumbone
  • 1-count
  • Flavor: beef
  • Size Recommendation: large breeds

Purchase your Meaty Mammoth Marrow-Filled Jumbone here.

Here's why k9s and their owners love these all-natural dog bones:

  • They're healthy, guilt-free, and delicious.
  • They're made with just one ingredient, beef, and don't have any preservatives, cheap fillers, processed grains, or other additives.
  • Each of these bones is low-calorie and has a minimum of 30% protein to keep your dog strong and lean.
  • They don't have the odor that other dog bones do. Owners love this!
  • They're durable and long-lasting, even for the most aggressive chewers.
  • They're great for training, separation anxiety, and boredom.

Tips for Choosing the Right All-Natural Dog Bones

If you're not sure which bone to choose for your k9, here are some tips to help you out. 

Understand the different kinds of bones.

With so many options, it can be challenging to know what option is best. While simple, natural dog bones like we've shared above are an excellent option, trachea chews and bully sticks are also safe and healthy. 

Another popular chew is rawhide. While these can be a good option, they can break off and be unsafe. They're also not as easy to digest as other options.

Consider the bone's size.

To avoid a potential choking hazard, you don't want to choose a bone that's too small. Opt for a bone that can't fit into your dog's mouth entirely.

You'll notice we mention the appropriate size dog for each bone above. There's an option for all-size dogs! Some of the bones above are also big enough to work for any size k9.

Choose high-quality, all-natural bones.

To ensure your dog is chewing on a healthy and safe bone, you want to go for the highest quality. These are typically bones with the least ingredients, made from grass-fed animals, and sourced in the US.

Look at the ingredients.

Again, the fewer the ingredients, the better. If there are a lot of ingredients in the dog bones you're looking at, there's a good chance there are some unhealthy fillers and preservatives.

You may also notice ingredients you've never heard of and are hard to even pronounce. These are probably the ones you want to avoid. Sometimes, simplicity is best!

Consider your dog's preferences.

The best part about dog bones is that your k9 loves a fun treat! So, go with a flavor you think your dog will enjoy. Most dogs love delicious beef bones like the ones above.

All-Natural Dog Bones: Final Thoughts

K9s love dog bones for a reason! They're delicious and fun. As pet owners, we want to make sure they're also healthy. Dogs and their human all win with healthy, tasty, single-ingredient dog bones, like the ones listed above.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We'd love to hear from you!