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Top 5 Big Dog Bones (All-Natural, Healthy, & Delicious)

Top 5 Big Dog Bones (All-Natural, Healthy, & Delicious)

Choosing your dog's bones is an important task! You want to make sure they love their bones and that they're also healthy and safe. In this article, we're going to share 5 big dog bones that are perfect for large-breed dogs. We'll also share other helpful information about dog bones for big dogs.

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What bones are good for large dogs?

It's essential to choose bones that are large enough that they won't fit entirely into your big dog's mouth. Bones that are all-natural, healthy, and delicious are ideal.

With so many bone options, it can be difficult to figure out which ones are best. Here are a few important things to look for when choosing your dog's bones:

  • Large bones that are at least the length of your dog's head
  • Few ingredients (the fewer ingredients, the better)
  • Bones made from grass-fed, free-range animals
  • Durable bones that can't break off and pose a choking hazard
dog with big dog bone

    K9 Connoisseur Dog Bones

    If you're looking for bones that you can trust to be safe, healthy, and delicious for your pup, look no further than K9 Connoisseur. These dog bones are everything pet owners could ask for and more! They're truly all-natural, sourced and made in the US, and are made with just one ingredient – free-range, grass-fed cattle.

    Not only do dogs love gnawing on K9 Connoisseur dog bones, but dog owners can rest easy when they provide them. These dog bones are even odor-free, so you can cuddle up next to your pup while they enjoy them!

    These bones are also filled with nutrients like iron, Vitamin B, and collagen. These ingredients are great for all dogs, help boost digestive and joint health, and enhance skin and coat.

    K9 Connoisseur big dog bones are durable enough to last a while but not too hard to damage your pup's teeth. They also come individually wrapped and have a shelf life of up to 2 years. 

    5 Big Dog Bones (They're healthy & delicious!)

    So, which K9 Connoisseur bones are good for big dogs? We'll share our favorites!

    Meaty Mammoth Marrow-Filled Champ Bone

    dog with 2 big dog bones

    K9 Connoisseur customers never go wrong with the Marrow-Filled Champ Bone. It's tasty and healthy and keeps any big dog busy for a while. It's long-lasting, and when the marrow runs out, it's easy to stuff with peanut butter or other tasty fillings.

    Purchase the Meaty Mammoth Marrow-Filled Champ Bone here.

    Long-Lasting Meaty Mammoth Jumbone

    dog with big dog bone

    If you're looking for big dog bones that are durable, healthy, and long-lasting – this is it! The Jumbone is the perfect dog bone for big dogs. 

    Purchase the Meaty Mammoth Jumbone here.

    All-Natural Marrow-Filled Knuckle Bone 

    dog with big dog bone

    The delicious Marrow-Filled Knuckle Bone has a hickory smoke, fall-off-the-bone flavor. What's not to love? They're perfect for rewarding your k9, beating boredom, or simply showing some love.

    Purchase the All-Natural Marrow-Filled Knuckle Bones here.

    Mammoth Marrow-Filled Goliath Bone

    dog with big dog bone

    Just about any dog will drool over the beefy Marrow-Filled Goliath Bone. This massive dog bone is ideal for any dog over 50 pounds. Gentle and aggressive chewers love this one!

    Purchase the Mammoth Marrow-Filled Goliath Bone here.

    Meaty Mammoth Marrow-Filled Bone Chew Treat

    dog with big dog bone

    Change things up with the Marrow-Filled Chew Treat Bone. It's healthy and durable like the rest of our favorite big dog bones, but it has a different shape to keep things interesting.

    Purchase the Meaty Mammoth Marrow-Filled Bone Chew Treat here.

    When picking a dog bone for your large dog, there should be more concern with making sure it's not too small. Large dog bones are safe because they won't be a choking hazard. As we mentioned, you always want your dog's bone to be about the length of its head and not small enough to fit entirely in its mouth.

    The dog bones above are perfect for large dogs, 50+ pounds.

    How often can I give my dog bones?

    Usually, vets recommend giving dogs a bone once or twice weekly or every few days.

    All-natural bones, especially single-ingredient bones made from cattle, are healthy. With that said, it's important to make sure your dog's bones and treats are only about 10% of its daily caloric intake. Giving your dog a bone every few days in combination with other healthy treats and their regular kibble diet ensures they're eating a balanced diet.

    Another reason you don't want to over-offer your pup dog bones is that too much gnawing could damage their teeth. While chewing on a bone in moderation is actually good for dental health, like with anything, you don't want to overdo it. In fact, it's best to let your dog chew for 15-20 minutes, then take their bone.

    Tip: You can freeze K9 Connoisseur bones to keep their freshness if your pup doesn't finish it. 

    Big Dog Bones: Final Thoughts

    We hope you've found the perfect bone for your k9! These big dog bones are fan favorites because they're healthy, delicious, and safe for large dogs.

    Are you ready to purchase a new bone for your pup? If so, here's a quick list of the healthy, all-natural bones we shared above:

    If you have any questions about K9 Connoisseur dog bones, feel free to contact us. We'd love to hear from you!