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How to Choose Dog Bones for Aggressive Chewers (Large Dogs)

How to Choose Dog Bones for Aggressive Chewers (Large Dogs)

Being a pet parent is so much fun, even when we have difficult decisions like how to choose the best dog bones for aggressive chewers. But, you’re in luck! Below, we’re going to share why carefully selecting a dog bone really matters and what to look for. We’ll also tell you about our favorite durable bone for large dogs.

Why It’s Important to Choose the Right Dog Bone

When it comes to choosing the right dog bone or chew toy, there’s more to it than simply selecting one that looks tasty for your pup. You want one that’s safe and healthy. 

Many pet owners don’t realize that some dog chews do carry risks, especially for aggressive chewers. Not only can some chews be unhealthy, but some can break off and cause a choking hazard. The wrong bones can also break your pup’s teeth. 

The good news is that there are many treats and chews that are completely safe for your dog, which is excellent because dog bones are great! They offer fun for your k9, can help improve dental health, keep your pup’s brain stimulated, and relieve boredom.

dog bones for aggressive chewers

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What to Look for When Choosing Dog Bones for Aggressive Chewers

So, how do you know if you’re choosing the best dog bone for your fur baby? There are a few (mostly) easy things to look for.

What Your Dog Likes

If you're reading this, you probably already know your pup is an aggressive chewer. Other things to know about your dog are if they like harder or softer chews, if they seem to prefer certain flavors, and if you need to steer from puppy or adolescent chews for your senior pup.

Tip: You want to make sure the bone isn’t so hard that it can crack your dog’s teeth. Look for something durable without it being too hard like this one

Bone Size

When you’re choosing a bone, you need to make sure it’s large enough that it can’t fit into your dog’s mouth entirely. A bone that’s too small can cause a choking hazard. The best part is the bigger the bone is, the longer your pup gets to enjoy it!


Most of us dog owners know that bones often have ingredients we're unsure of and can't even pronounce. With so many preservatives and fillers out there, it's essential to make sure you look at ingredients and know what they are. These ingredients are not only unhealthy, but they can also cause an upset stomach. And, if the bones aren't digestible, they can be dangerous.

Today, we see many treats labeled as “all-natural.” What many consumers don’t realize is that these products may still contain genetically modified ingredients. If you want to avoid this, look for bones that are made from grass-fed or free-range animals.

Continue reading for our favorite one-ingredient healthy dog bones for aggressive chewers. 

Source Location

We recommend selecting dog bones that are locally sourced in the United States. You can take it up a notch by making sure the brand is transparent about where products come from. For example, K9 Connoisseur shares that all of their dog treats and bones are made from grass-fed cattle born and raised in the US.

Our Favorite Durable Dog Bone: Meaty Marrow Filled Natural Dog Bones

So, now that we know exactly what to look for in dog bones for aggressive chewers, let’s take a look at our favorite ones for large dogs: K9 Connoisseur Meaty Marrow Filled Natural Dog Bones


dog bones for aggressive chewers


Here’s why we love these:

  • Single-ingredient: They’re made with one ingredient and don’t have any unknown or unhealthy ingredients. 
  • Sourced in the USA: They’re locally sourced, made from grass-fed cattle born and raised in the US.  
  • All-natural: They’re all-natural and don’t contain any preservatives, artificial flavors, or unnecessary fillers.
  • Healthy: They have a minimum of 30% protein and are low in calories to keep your pup strong and lean.
  • Delicious: These are excellent, nutritious treats are deliciously filled with marrow and hickory smoked to lock in the flavor. 
  • Durable: The bones are dense and thick enough to stand up to the active chewers. 
  • Odor-free: Instead of wanting your pup to chew through these so you don’t have to smell them anymore, they’re actually odor-free. You won’t even care if they gnaw on them right by you!
  • Large: These large bones are safe and long-lasting for big dogs between 50 and 99 pounds.
  • Dog-owner approved: K9 parents love using these treats for really anything – training, beating boredom, just for fun, and more! 

See what pet parents are saying about the K9 Connoisseur Meaty Marrow Filled Natural Dog Bones:

K9 Connoisseur Meaty Marrow Filled Natural Dog Bones (review)
K9 Connoisseur Meaty Marrow Filled Natural Dog Bones (review)
K9 Connoisseur Meaty Marrow Filled Natural Dog Bones (review)

Dog Bones for Aggressive Chewers: Final Thoughts

The right dog bone is an important decision for pet parents. Our k9s deserve the best – delicious, safe, healthy, and fun. K9 Connoisseur Meaty Marrow Filled Natural Dog Bones offer just that!

Purchase yours here.

If you’re interested in another healthy dog treat, learn about trachea dog chews here.