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The Best Dog Bones for Puppies + Helpful FAQ

The Best Dog Bones for Puppies + Helpful FAQ

When it's time to choose the best dog bones for puppies, it can be difficult. You want to make sure you're offering safe bones that are also nutritious and tasty. That's why we've rounded up the best puppy dog bones below! We'll also answer common dog bone questions to help you make sure your pup is happy and healthy.

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Can you give dog bones to puppies?

Absolutely! Bones are great for puppies because they help beat boredom, entertain, relieve teething pain, and help with dental health.

That said, make sure you wait until your puppy has its set of adult teeth before offering bones. This is usually when they're 8-12 weeks old.

Best Dog Bones for Puppies

K9 Connoisseur dog bones are the best for puppies because they're healthy, safe, and delicious.

All K9 Connoisseur dog bones are truly all-natural, with no preservatives, additives, or artificial flavors. In fact, they're single-ingredient, made with only free-range, grass-fed cattle born and raised in the United States. Dogs love their beef flavor!

Note: Some dog bones labeled all-natural may still have genetically modified ingredients. However, these don't.

Not only are these made with only natural ingredients, but they're also low in calories and fat and high in protein. And they're packed with nutrients like Vitamin B, iron, and collagen.

These dog bones for puppies are also durable enough to not break off but not so hard that they'll damage teeth. Because they're durable, they're long-lasting, even for aggressive chewers. They're also individually wrapped and have a shelf-life of up to 2 years.

Here are the best K9 Connoisseur dog bones for puppies. Keep reading for more details, including links to purchase.

  • Marrow-Filled Doggie Delight Slice Chew Treat
  • Long-Lasting Meaty Knee Cap Bones
  • Natural Meaty Beef Chew Bones
  • Marrow-Filled Dynamo Bones 

Marrow-Filled Doggie Delight Slice Chew Treat

puppy on chair with dog bones for puppies

The Marrow-Filled Doggie Delight Slice Chew Treat is the perfect little bone for puppies up to 15 pounds. It's filled with tasty beef marrow that dogs love! When the marrow's gone, you can replace it with another delicious treat.

Purchase your Marrow-Filled Doggie Delight Slice Chew Treat here.

Long-Lasting Meaty Knee Cap Bone

puppy with knee cap bone by K9 Connoisseur

Change up the typical dog bones for puppies with this flavorful knee cap chew that's perfect for any small or medium dog. Just about any puppy wags its tail for this flavorful chew toy. Best of all, it's healthy too! 

Purchase your Long-Lasting Meaty Knee Cap Bones here.

Natural Meaty Beef Chew Bone

small dog with bone

The Natural Meaty Beef Chew Bone is another nutritious treat that tastes great! It's ideal for any puppy under 15 pounds. Pet owners love that these keep puppies busy for a long time. They're also durable and long-lasting, like the other K9 Connoisseur dog bones.

Purchase your Natural Meaty Beef Chew Bones here.

Natural Marrow-Filled Dynamo Bone

puppy chewing bone

The Natural Marrow-Filled Dynamo Bones are one of the most popular K9 Connoisseur chew bones. They're filled with delicious beef marrow that keeps your puppy entertained. And when the filling is all gone, you can stuff it with another tasty treat like peanut butter.

Purchase your Marrow-Filled Dynamo Bones here.

Dog Bones for Puppies FAQ

Have a few questions about puppy dog bones?  We'd love to answer them!

What should I look for in dog bones?

When looking at dog bones, it's essential to consider their size, ingredients, and durability.

The bone needs to be large enough not to fit entirely into your dog's mouth (usually the size of your pup's head or larger). You also want to opt for natural ingredients (the fewer, the better). Durability is important too because you want to make sure it's solid enough not to break from not too hard that it can damage your dog's teeth. 

Of course, flavor matters too. You want to make sure your dog enjoys their bone. Almost any dog drools over beef bones!

What bones are safe for puppies?

K9 Connoisseur dog bones are very safe for puppies because they're the appropriate size, durable but not too hard, and contain only natural ingredients.

Because these are durable, they don't break off into small pieces that can be a choking hazard. They're also packed with nutrients that promote good health, which is always a bonus for any dog bone!

Here's what a small dog owner has to say about her pup's favorite K9 Connoisseur dog bone:

Dog Bones for Puppies - 5 Star Review

How often can my puppy have bones?

Most pet owners offer bones to their puppies every few days or less. Since K9 Connoisseur dog bones are healthy, offering them a few times a week is okay. In fact, gnawing on a bone is a great way to relieve boredom and fight off plaque and tartar buildup on teeth.

Note: Remember to follow the 90/10 rule with dog bones. This means that dog bones and any other treat should only make up about 10% of your dog's daily caloric intake. The rest should come from their regular dog food. 

When can puppies start having bones?

Puppies can start having bones when they have a full set of adult teeth. This is usually when they're 8-12 weeks old.

It's important to wait until your puppy has adult teeth before offering bones to avoid damaging its teeth. Puppy teeth are also very sharp and could break the bone, causing a choking hazard.

If you're unsure if your puppy is ready for dog bones, you can always consult your vet.

What is the best bone to give a puppy?

All-natural bones that don't contain any unnecessary or unhealthy ingredients are best. The fewer ingredients, the better. In fact, we recommend single-ingredient dog bones for puppies.

Dog Bones for Puppies: Conclusion

We hope this article helped you pick the perfect bone for your puppy! Bones are a great treat because they're entertaining and delicious. They're also excellent for soothing teething pain.

Here's the quick list of the best dog bones for puppies. They're all single-ingredient, made from free-range, grass-fed cattle. They're also low-calorie and high-protein. Enjoy!