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Marrow Bones for Dogs: Are They Good & Other Helpful Information


Marrow Bones for Dogs: Are They Good & Other Helpful Information

Knowing which dog bones are best for our beloved furry family members can be tricky, especially with so many options and not knowing which ones are actually good. In this article, we're going to share everything you need to know about marrow bones for dogs, including what they are, if they're good, and what our favorite marrow bones are.

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What are marrow dog bones?

Marrow is a nutrient-rich tissue found in the center of a bone. Marrow bones for dogs are just as you'd imagine – bones filled with marrow. 

Bone marrow is rich in collagen, the body's most abundant protein. It also has iron, vitamin B12, and other essential nutrients. 

Most dogs love to eat marrow from bones because of its robust and somewhat sweet flavor and smooth texture. Once the marrow is gone, the bone is hollow, and you can fill it with other treats like peanut butter. 

dog chewing marrow bone

Are marrow bones good for dogs?

Yes! In fact, marrow dog bones are some of the best treats for dogs. Not only do dogs love them, but they're actually good for dogs. Keep reading for their benefits!

The Benefits of Marrow Dog Bones

Marrow dog bones have many pros! In fact, they really don't have disadvantages. They're a good source of nutrients, they're good for dental health, they stand up to aggressive chewers, and dogs love their mouthwatering flavor.

Let's learn more about these advantages below.

They're packed with nutrients.

As we mentioned, marrow bones for dogs are filled with nutrients, including collagen, iron, and b vitamins. Collagen is great for dogs for many reasons, including improved skin and coat, joint pain relief, and digestive health. Meanwhile, iron and vitamin B keeps k9s energized and healthy.

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Marrow dog chews are good for dental health.

If you opt for an all-natural marrow dog bone from a grass-fed animal (we'll share one below!), dogs can enjoy their bone without the worry of bacteria on the teeth. Also, the act of chewing on bones is a great way for your pup to clean their gums and teeth and reduce plaque and tartar buildup.

They stand up to aggressive chewers.

Because marrow bones are durable, they're ideal for aggressive chewers. Pet owners love marrow dog bones because they're long-lasting. The best part is that they're durable enough to last but not too hard that they'll cause damage to your pup's teeth.

Note: Non-aggressive chewers love marrow dogs bones too!

They're safe.

Because marrow bones are durable, you don't have to worry about pieces breaking off and causing intestinal obstruction. Beef marrow bones are also known not to splinter like other dog chews can. While many pet owners prefer to be nearby when their k9 is enjoying their bone, you can rest easy that your dog is probably safe with its beef marrow bone.

Dogs love their mouthwatering flavor.

The best part about marrow bones for dogs is how delicious they are! As we mentioned, they have a slightly sweet and rich flavor. Cattle marrow bones are best because dogs are known to love beef-flavored treats and chews!

And you can even change up its flavor by stuffing the bone with other recipes after the marrow is gone. Here are a few easy options:

  • Greek yogurt mixed with mashed banana
  • Peanut butter by itself or mixed with pumpkin puree 
  • Ground meat and veggies

They're multi-purpose.

Marrow bones are great to have on hand because they're good for many scenarios – to use as a reward after training, to help ease separation anxiety, to entertain your pup, or to just give as an "I love you" treat.

Are marrow bones good for dogs?

Yes, marrow bones are great for dogs! They're healthy, safe, and delicious.

While marrow bones are good for dogs, you want to make sure you follow the 10% rule with them as you would any other treat or bone. Treats should make up about 10% of your dog's daily caloric intake, while their kibble should make up the rest.

Our Favorite Marrow Bones for Dogs

Now, let's take a look at our favorite marrow dog bones: K9 Connoisseur Marrow-Filled Dynamo Bone. Spoiler: Your dog will definitely drool over these!

dog chewing marrow dog bone

There are so many reasons why k9s and their owners love these bones:

  • They're single-ingredient. There's no worrying about any unknown ingredients because these are made with only 1 ingredient – grass-fed, free-range cattle. 
  • They're healthy. These are filled with beneficial nutrients and protein. There also low in calories and fat for a guilt-free treat.
  • Dogs love their flavor. What k9 doesn't appreciate a delicious beefy treat?!
  • They're great for all dogs. All dog breeds love these marrow-filled bones. They're also enjoyed by gentle or aggressive chewers.
  • They have little to no odor. Pet owners are so grateful for this. You can cuddle up to your pup while it gnaws on their marrow bone, and there's no bad smell.
  • They're locally sourced. All K9 Connoisseur's treats and bones are made from cattle born and raised in the United States.
  • They serve many purposes. Whether you're working on training, want to show your pup some love, or your dog experiences separation anxiety, these bones are great!
  • They're durable and long-lasting – perfect for aggressive chewers. They're also wrapped by twos for a long shelf life. You can always freeze the other until you're ready to use it.
  • They're safe. No need to worry about these breaking off or splintering.

Don't take our word for it! Check out this review:

K9 Connoisseur's Marrow Bones for Dogs review

Final Thoughts: Marrow Bones for Dogs

We hope this article gave you a good understanding of marrow dog bones! We love these for our furry family members, and they love them too. They're nutritious, delicious, and safe.

Purchase your K9 Connoisseur's Marrow-Filled Dynamo Bones here. (Your dog will thank you!)