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The Most Delicious (& Healthy) Dog Bones for Large Dogs

The Most Delicious (& Healthy) Dog Bones for Large Dogs

Are you looking for healthy dog bones for large dogs that taste delicious? You're in the right place! In this article, we're going to share our favorite large dog bones. We'll also tell you some other fun facts and tips about dog bones for dogs.

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Why It’s Important to Pick the Best Dog Bone

When we think of dog bones, we often just think of them as a fun treat. However, picking the best dog bone for your pup is an important task. We want them to be safe, healthy, and not too smelly!

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), bones are an excellent source of minerals and other essential nutrients for good health. Chewing bones also boosts saliva enzymes and helps prevent gum disease and plaque from building up on the teeth. Bones also relieve separation anxiety and bust boredom.

All bones don’t have these benefits, so you want to make sure you pick the best one.

How to Pick the Best Dog Bones for Large Dogs

When it comes to choosing healthy and safe bones, here’s what to look for:

  • Size of bone: Bones shouldn't be too small. Otherwise, they're a choking hazard. Go with one that is big enough that it can’t entirely fit into your dog’s mouth.
  • Ingredients: Avoid too many ingredients and ones you’ve never heard of. A good rule of thumb is that if there’s a long list of ingredients, there are unnecessary and possibly unhealthy fillers and preservatives you want to avoid. 
  • Quality: High-quality dog bones have healthy ingredients and are typically made in the United States from grass-fed animals.
  • Flavor: Of course, dogs love a tasty treat. Choose a flavor you think your pup will like. Most dogs drool over bone marrow!

Different Types ofDog Bones for Large Dogs

With so many types of dog bones, it can be hard deciding which one to pick. Here’s a quick rundown of some popular ones:

  • Bully Sticks: Bully sticks are a single-ingredient chew that varies in size. They’re soft and easily digestible.
  • Beef Trachea: Trachea chews are a healthy chew that’s easy to digest and offers various benefits for dogs.
  • Rawhide: Rawhide is a popular chew, but isn’t necessarily safe. These are made from the horse or cowhide and the pieces can break off, resulting in a choking hazard. It’s also difficult for dogs to digest rawhide and it’s especially not the best for pups with a sensitive stomach.
  • Antlers: Many people who have large dogs like antlers because they’re long-lasting. With that said, they’re usually too hard and can damage teeth.
  • Natural dog bones: A simple, natural dog bone that’s flavorful and safe is one of the best kinds of bones you can give your pup. We’ll share our favorite below!

What are the most delicious & healthy dog bones for large dogs?

Our favorite delicious and healthy bone for large dogs is the K9 Connoisseur Meaty Marrow Filled Natural Dog Bones.

This bone is perfect for dogs over 50 pounds. It’s healthy, delicious, and even stands up to the most active chewers.

dog bones for large dogs

Why We Love K9 Connoisseur’s Meaty Marrow Filled Natural Dog Bones

Let’s take a look at why K9 Connoisseur’s Meaty Marrow Filled Natural Dog Bones are a great option for your sweet furry friend!

They’re made with just one ingredient.

One of the hardest parts about choosing dog bones is not being sure about what’s in them. These natural dog bones are single-ingredient, only made with grass-fed cattle

While many dog treats and bones are labeled as natural, they may still have genetically modified ingredients. However, K9 Connoisseur’s are truly all-natural and don’t contain any preservatives, artificial flavoring, or unnecessary fillers. 

They’re healthy.

These natural dog bones made of only one ingredient, grass-fed cattle, make for a seriously healthy treat. In fact, bone marrow is filled with the good stuff like collagen, vitamins, and protein. They have a minimum of 30% protein each, helping keep your pup strong and lean. 

They’re durable.

If you’re looking for dog bones for large dogs, there’s a good chance you need ones that are durable. These bones are dense and thick, so they stand up to even the most active chewers. As we mentioned, durability is important for safety as you want to ensure pieces don't break off and cause your k9 to choke.

They're ideal for large breeds.

It can be tricky finding bones big enough for large breeds because bones shouldn't be able to fit into your dog's mouth. These bones are perfect for big dogs between 50 and 99 pounds. 

Dogs love them.

Whether your pup gets bored easily, suffers from anxiety when left home alone, or simply enjoys a good treat, it's sure to love these nutrient-packed meaty marrow filled bones. They're hickory smoked and lock in the delicious flavors k9s can't get enough of.

Dog owners love them.

So, why do pet-owners highly approve of these natural dog bones? Not only are they healthy, but they're also odor-free and long-lasting. You don't have to get away from the smell of these and you can rest easy that this bone will entertain your pup for a long time.

Bonus: They're individually wrapped and have a shelf-life of up to 2 years!

dog chewing bone

Final Thoughts

We hope this guide has answered your questions aboutdog bones for large dogs! More questions? Feel free to contact us. We'd love to hear from you!

The right dog bones can be a healthy, tasty, and fun treat for k9s. Just make sure you find one that's right for your pup.

Purchase your K9 Connoisseur Meaty Marrow Filled Natural Dog Bones.