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7 Best Dog Bones for Medium Dogs

7 Best Dog Bones for Medium Dogs

Are you looking for the perfect dog bone for your medium-sized dog? You're in luck! In this article, we'll share the best dog bones for medium dogs. Spoiler: They're all healthy and delicious.

When choosing the right dog bone, there are a few things to consider. We'll give some helpful information for this, answer a few important questions, and tell you about our favorite medium dog bones. 

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Why does dog bone size matter?

The size of a dog bone matters because if it's too small, it can be dangerous for your pup and be a choking hazard. In fact, a bone should be about the size of your k9s head or large enough that it can't fit into your dog's mouth whole.

girl giving dog bone

Below, we'll share bones specifically made for medium dogs up to 50 pounds.

How to Choose the Right Dog Bone

When choosing dog bones for medium dogs, there are several things to consider aside from size to ensure that it's safe and healthy for your pup.

Here's what a pet parent should consider when picking out their dog's bone:

  • Ingredients: The fewer ingredients, the better. Choose bones with limited ingredients and avoid unnecessary or unhealthy ingredients like preservatives, fillers, and artificial flavors.
  • All-natural: While we often opt for all-natural bones for our dogs, make sure you know what that really means. "All-natural" can still have genetically modified ingredients. You can avoid this by opting for bones made of grass-fed or free-range animals.
  • Source location: To ensure you're buying high-quality dog chews, we recommend going with locally sourced bones made in the United States.
  • Bone density: While durable bones are key, you want to make sure it's not hard enough to damage your dog's gums or teeth. 
  • Dogs' preferences: Of course, you want your dog to love their new bone. So, consider their preferences when choosing their next dog bone. Dogs almost always love beef chews!

7 Best Dog Bones for Medium Dogs

Now it's time for the good stuff! The best bones for medium dogs are made by K9 Connoisseur, a brand that's dedicated to providing delicious and healthy single-ingredient treats that k9s deserve.

Below, we'll share our favorite medium dog bones. Here's why dogs and dog owners love K9 Connoisseur's bones:

  • They're made with just one ingredient: grass-fed, free-range cattle, born and raised in the US. Dogs love their beefy flavor too!
  • They don't contain any unnecessary or unhealthy ingredients like preservatives, cheap fillers, processed grains, or other additives.
  • They're a guilt-free treat with low fat and calories.
  • They have high protein to keep dogs strong and lean.
  • Their density makes them great for aggressive chewers because they're just thick enough, durable, and long-lasting.
  • They don't have a bad odor, like many other dog chews. Dog parents are especially thankful for this!
  • They're versatile – excellent for training, beating boredom, and calming separation anxiety. 
  • They're wrapped individually and offer a shelf life of up to 2 years for guaranteed freshness. 

Let's take a look at the 7 best K9 Connoisseur dog bones for medium dogs!

1. Marrow-Filled Dynamo Bone Chews

dog bones for medium dog

These delicious marrow-filled bones are perfect for any medium-sized breed! They're durable and have a mouthwatering beef flavor. What's not to love?

Grab your Marrow-Filled Dynamo Bone Chews here!

2. Meaty Rib Marrow-Filled Bone Chews

dog bones for medium dog

Dogs love gnawing on these 8-10 inch chews that are filled with meaty rib marrow. When the marrow is gone, fill them with peanut butter for a long-lasting treat.

Grab your Meaty Rib Marrow-Filled Bone Chews here!

3. Long-Lasting Meaty Beef Knee Cap Bones

dog bones for medium dog

If you've never given your pup a knee cap bone, they're in for a treat! These have a tasty meaty flavor, and they're great for any breed and age dog up to 50 pounds.

Grab your Long-Lasting Meaty Beef Knee Cap Bones here!

4. Marrow-Filled Crown Knuckle Bones

dog bones for medium dog

Any k9 drools over these Marrow-Filled Crown Knuckle Bones. They have a hickory smoke, fall-of-the-bone flavor. They're ideal for training and simply showing your pup some love. 

Grab your Marrow-Filled Crown Knuckle Bones here!

5. Hickory Smoked Knuckle Bones

dog bones for medium dog

No matter how much of an aggressive chewer your dog is, these knuckle bones are the perfect option! They're one of the most durable and long-lasting dog bones for medium dogs out there. Best of all, they're hickory smoked and delicious.

Grab your Hickory Smoked Knuckle Bones here!

6. Meaty Mammoth Marrow-Filled Knuckle Bones

dog bones for medium dog

These marrow-filled knuckle bones are flavorful, durable, and healthy. They're perfect for any medium-breed dog that loves chewing on a delicious bone! When the marrow is gone, they're easy to stuff with another tasty filling.

Grab your Meaty Mammoth Marrow-Filled Knuckle Bones here!

7. Meaty Mammoth Marrow-Filled Knuckle Bones with Treats

dog bones for medium dog

Not only do you get the marrow-filled knuckle bones we just mentioned, but you also get the K9 Connoisseur Slow-Roasted Beef Lung Bites. These beef lung dog treats are also a single-ingredient, healthy, and delicious snack. This package is perfect for dogs who love gnawing on bones at home and having treats on outings or during training sessions.

Learn more about the beef lung bites here.

Grab your Meaty Mammoth Marrow-Filled Knuckle Bones with Treats here!

Why give a dog a bone?

Did you know that we don't just give our dogs bones because they enjoy them? Bones are an excellent way to entertain dogs who may suffer from separation anxiety, reward pups after a training session or showing desired behavior, and simply show some love.

Another reason bones are great for dogs is that the act of chewing can actually improve dental health by getting rid of tartar and plaque buildup on the teeth. And all-natural bones are best because they prevent more bacteria from building up on your dog's teeth and gums.

Dog Bones for Medium Dogs: Final Thoughts

We hope we've helped you find the perfect dog bone (or a few) for your beloved fur baby! K9 Connoisseur works to make the best chews and treats that dogs and their owners will love. These are all-natural, healthy, and safe for medium-sized dogs.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We'd love to hear from you!