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The Best Filled Dog Bones for Large Dogs to Keep Your K9 Busy

The Best Filled Dog Bones for Large Dogs to Keep Your K9 Busy

If you're looking for a new dog bone that your pup will love, you're in the right place! Filled dog bones are great because they're tasty and keep dogs busy. In this article, we'll share the best filled dog bones for large dogs. Best of all, they're all healthy!

Not sure what filled dog bones are? They're bones filled with an edible, delicious treat for dogs. The bones we'll share below are filled with beef marrow. Not only is beef marrow delicious, but it's also nutritious. In fact, marrow contains vitamin B12, iron, and collagen – all great for dogs' health!

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The Best Filled Dog Bones for Large Dogs

The best large filled dog bones are by K9 Connoisseur. These bones are marrow-filled and just the perfect size for big breeds. 

K9 Connoisseur dog bones are k9 and pet owner approved for many reasons:

  • They're single-ingredient, made of free-range, grass-fed cattle. There are no other ingredients, making these incredibly safe and healthy for your pup.
  • They're 100% all-natural and don't have any preservatives, fillers, or artificial flavors.
  • They have a beef marrow stuffing, which contains nutrients that enhance your dog's health.
  • All K9 Connoisseur bones and treats are low-calorie and have a minimum of 30% protein each to help keep your pup strong and lean.
  • They're individually wrapped and have a shelf-life of up to 2 years. The bone itself is also very long-lasting, and you can stuff them with another tasty treat when all the marrow is gone.
  • When your dog chews on these, they reduce plaque and tartar buildup on their teeth for better dental health.
  • Their durability is perfect for aggressive chewers can safely gnaw on them. 
  • They're odor-free, so your pup can chew on its filled dog bone cuddled up next to you.
  • They're locally sourced and made in the United States. 

Here are the best filled dog bones for large dogs...

Long-Lasting Meaty Mammoth Marrow-Filled Champ Bone

dog with large filled dog bone

These marrow-filled chew treat bones stuffed with marrow are ideal for dogs over 50 pounds.  Dogs love them, and even the most aggressive chewers can gnaw on these for a long time to come!

Customer Review: 

filled dog bones for large dogs - Champ Bone Review

Purchase your Long-Lasting Meaty Mammoth Marrow-Filled Champ Bone (3-count) here.

Purchase your Long-Lasting Meaty Mammoth Marrow-Filled Champ Bone (10-count) here.

All-Natural Meaty Mammoth Marrow-Filled Jumbone

dog with filled dog bone for large dogs

This jumbone is exactly that – jumbo. It's another deliciously nutritious marrow-filled dog bone for large dogs over 50 pounds. This bone is every active chewer's dream!

Customer Review: 

filled dog bones for large dogs - Jumbone Review

Purchase your All-Natural Meaty Mammoth Marrow-Filled Jumbone here.

Natural Marrow-Filled Dynamo Bone

dog chewing marrow-filled dog bone

If you have a large dog that's 50 pounds or less, the Dynamo Bone is ideal. Like the others, it's filled with flavorful beef marrow and lasts a long time while your pup enjoys its new bone.

Customer Review: 

filled dog bones for large dogs - Dynamo Bone Review

Purchase your Natural Marrow-Filled Dynamo Bone (3-count) here.

Purchase your Natural Marrow-Filled Dynamo Bone (6-count) here.

Purchase your Natural Marrow-Filled Dynamo Bone (12-count) here.

Filled Dog Bones for Large Dogs: FAQ

If you have any questions about filled dog bones, we have the answers!

Are filled bones ok for dogs?

Absolutely! As long as your dog's bones are stuffed with a healthy, safe filling, it's a great treat. 

All K9 Connoisseur dog bones are filled with beef marrow, which is actually wonderful for dogs. Beef marrow is filled with healthy nutrients like vitamin B12, iron, and collagen. 

What age can a dog have a filled bone?

As with any bone, you should wait until your dog has all their adult teeth before giving it to them. This is usually around 4-6 months old.

Once your dog has a full set of adult teeth, it's safe for them to chew bones. If you give your pup a filled bone too early, it can damage its teeth. Also, puppy teeth are very sharp and can break bones, which could cause blockage or choking.

You can always consult your vet if you're unsure if your dog is ready to have a filled bone.

What can I fill my dog's bones with?

Once your dog's bone is all out of marrow, you can fill it with another delicious treat. Here are some ideas:

  • greek yogurt and pumpkin puree
  • peanut butter and pumpkin puree
  • smashed banana and peanut butter
  • smashed banana and greek yogurt
  • strawberries & blueberries (blended or cut into small pieces) and greek yogurt

Note: Make sure your dog's filled bone (+ other treats) only makes up for ~10% of their daily caloric intake. The rest of their calories should come from their dog food.

How often can my dog have a marrow-filled bone?

Because these are healthy bones, it's okay for your dog to enjoy them often. Most pet owners offer their dog a marrow-filled bone every few days or less. Remember that bones and treats should only make up about 10% of your dog's daily calories; the rest should come from their kibble.

Filled Dog Bones for Large Dogs: Conclusion

Filled dog bones are a great treat, especially if you choose a healthy option. K9 Connoisseur marrow-filled dog bones are the best because they're nutritious, single-ingredient, safe, and delicious. We hope you found the perfect large filled dog bone above. We're sure your dog will love it!

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